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About us

Mardomak studio has over 25 years experience and continuator activity in photography and cinematography works. we are outrider in area of photography and cinematography in this state.

Some of our activities in this field has described below:

  • Make and record short-time and semidocumentary films such as:
  • Fish angle, Report,The final story...wheat and life, Little hunter, Huntsman and etc.
  • Cinematography of 'Police warnings' items.
  • Taking varietal appreciations and rewards such as:
  • Best cinematography reward for 'Report' from Fajr Film Festival in 1985.
  • Best cinematography reward for 'Little hunter' from Fajr Film Festival in 1986.
  • Best photography reward from Vahdat Festival [Tabriz] in 1987.
  • Contact us

    Office: Mardomak studio, 5 Azar street, Gorgan, Iran
    Phone Number: +98(17)-32356082-84
    Fax: +98(17)-32332948
    Answering Machine: +98(17)-32356085
    Mobile: +989111756724
    Manager Direct Tel: +989111703644

    Manager Email:

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    Cinematography Studio

    Record your banquets, meetings and etc with DVCam, BetaCam and MiniDV technologies and our proffesional team help you for best result and best quality.

    Photography Studio

    Our atelier with new studio's digital flash, beautiful and varietal backgrounds can help you for photography of:

  • Baby atelier
  • Bride & Bridegroom
  • Industrial fields
  • Semidocumentary
  • Educational places.

    Width a friendly area and by a man or woman photographer
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